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Some nudibranchs can store living cells from their prey, even the toxins. When eating an anemone or hydroid, stinging cells are captured, kept alive and transferred through the digestive tract to the tips of the cerata.

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Protein Skimmers
protein_skimmer.png Full and partial plans and details on the construction of various protein skimmer types.
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Item Title Hits
"Tupperware" Beckett Protein Skimmer 116438
Prizm Skimmer Modifications 55097
Air Stone Protein Skimmer 135287
Automatic Shut Off Waste Collection 34594
Beckett Injector Housing 109893
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    Calcium reactors, Nilsen reactors, additive recipies etc. for maintaining alkalinity and/or calcium levels.
  • Electronic Projects  ( 3 items )
    Various miscellaneous electronic projects for a reef aquarium.
  • Feeding and Additives  ( 6 items )
    Projects that have to do with providing food and additives to a reef aquarium.
  • Lighting  ( 5 items )
    Plans and details of making your own lighting for a reef aquarium, including not just the main lights.
  • Tank, Stand and Miscellaneous  ( 9 items )
    Plans and details of tanks, stands, cupboard, sumps used for setting up a reef aquarium. Plus additional general projects that don't fit into the other catagories here.
  • Temperature Control  ( 3 items )
    Equipment to assist in the maintenence of the appropriate temperature range for a reef aquarium.
  • Tools, Materials and Techniques  ( 4 items )
    Some articles with details on the tools, materials and techniques that can be used in DIY projects.
  • Water Movement  ( 10 items )
    Information on various methods and techniques for movement of water within and to/from the main display tank.
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