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Quick Movers, Fungia spp.

These sand dwelling corals can moved a significant distance (10cm+) overnight. So just be aware of neighbouring corals they may move into and their placement.

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What is macro algae and what is it used for? PDF Print

Macro algae is the term giving to "macro" scale algae, which simply means large. Not sure exactly where the line is drawn between macro and micro algae, but it is somewhere around the point where you can see the various features of the algae with the unaided eye.

The positive thing about some species of macro algae (and this can also be negative, but in this context it is a positive) is that they are fast growing. If you then harvest that macro algae from your system, then nutrients are being exported from it (which is a good thing). The more common species used are Caluerpa sp.. However, it is a good idea to steer clear of C. taxifolia as it is a illegal to be in possession of it in some states of Australia (and some others around the world). For further information see: Caulerpa taxifolia - the "killer" algae.


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